Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Hay Park Way Thinglink

Today we have been learning how to create a positive digital footprint using thinglink.

Sometimes it is a fun way to share music and images but we thought it would be better for our learning to be shared on it.

Here is my thinglink about the Hay Park Way. The Hay Park Way is to be respectful, resilient and responsible.

If you click on my thinglink you can find out more information about these three values.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

In one hundreds years time

Bula vinaka blogging world 
Today I've been doing a comic strip  about a story called In one hundreds years time.Also did you that I am a student in Setoga class at Hay park school.Also what is a comic strip?Well a comic strip is type document that can tell people when the story is about to end.Also a comic strip has boxes that tell if your reading in the middle,beginning or end,even you can put your own story's into a comic strip.What I found challenging is trying to take a snapshot the pages of the story ,even what I found challenging is trying to write some made up words in the story 

Monday, 14 November 2016

Cybersmart game

Talofa lava blogging world 
Did you know that last week I have learnt a new game and its called the Cyber smart game.The person who made this game is our Cybersmart teacher. How to play it is that you need a device but it has to be a type of Chromebook or laptop also  when you are playing the Cybersmart game make sure that you tell the because if you don't tell the truth that what you call cheating.To play the Cybersmart game you must have a buddy to play the game also here is a link to the Cybersmart game if you want to play it.
Here is what the game well look like

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Thank you to our sponsors

This is a slideshow about the cat company.Please enjoy reading about why they are an amazing company.

Have you ever heard of SureFlap?They are an innovative company that make cat doors and other products. Please look through this slideshow to see how they have supported our school.
Thank you for reading my blog post

Thursday, 1 September 2016

My Trip to the Zoo

Talofa blogging world
This Monday at the zoo I saw a Baboon,cheetah,Lion,Tiger and all other animals at the zoo.My high light  at the zoo was seeing a cheetah.Did you know that cheetahs use their tales to balance and cheetahs use their claws to catch their prey did you know.Did you know that cheetahs can run a short distance but can run really really fast.
So thank you for reading blogging world

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Bula blogging world
Here is my google drawing.This activity is about what fizzy drink has less teaspoons.I did this by doing a google drawing also I was learning about what drinks I'm aloud to drink and what drinks I'm not aloud to drink.
Well thank you for reading.I hope that you keep healthy